My name is Mark Routledge, I began working with leather over a dozen years ago.  I began by making sheaths and scabbards for knives I had made.  In time I found I enjoyed working with leather more than the knife making and the rest is now history.  

I now make pieces to order and will consider any project that comes my way.  I have made historically accurate items for museums in the UK and abroad as well as re-enactment replicas for the most discerning of clients.

With experience of working in a museum and as a re-enactor myself I will work with you to make a well researched and fit for purpose item that you will be happy with.

I also enjoy making handbags if asked, pouches and sporrans. Scabbards and sheaths, bush craft items and larp costume items are all part of my past work and I enjoy one off commissions.

I do not take deposits, but will give an estimate before starting a new project, with payment accepted once it is completed.

If you do not like the finished item, you do not have to buy it, that is the way I work.


I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your ideas, with no pressure to commit until you are happy.

Old tools, old techniques, my two old hands.