Hand made leather work

I offer a bespoke leatherwork service that specialises in individual one off items.  Hand stitched with decoration individually carved without the use of generic stamps or embossing machines.

I work in the best material for the job in hand, veg or oak tanned leather.  I then hand stitch using best quality linen or Tiger thread, waxed with beeswax for strength and longevity.

If a piece needs dyeing, then I will use a good quality oil based dye.  For period correct pieces, eg re-enactment or replicas, I may make my own dye using walnut husks or vinegar and iron.

Pieces are then oiled or waxed for a beautiful and protective finish.

Re-enactment and historical reproductions
I have made numerous items for re-enactment purposes. Sheaths and scabbards, pouches and satchels, belts, turnshoes, wallets, purses and more.

I will work with you to research and produce an item that you will be proud to wear and use, hand stitched and decorated appropriately to the period of your choice.  I have made items from the Stone age, Bronze age, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking, later Medieval and Victorian.

I have  made replicas for museums in the UK and abroad.

Contemporary work
Contemporary items are available via commission basis. I will make handbags, satchels, belt pouches to order. Tablet and mobile phone slips either plain or decorated are a popular item, I will need accurate dimensions to work from to obtain a good fit.

Bush craft belt pouches and sporrans for highland dress are all possible as well as sheaths for modern bush craft or hunting knives.

Sheaths for Mora knives are often available off the peg, contact me for details.


Leather is a natural material and the work will need some aftercare to ensure its long life.  I would expect any piece I make to be fit for purpose and last for many years if used appropriately. However if in time any repairs are needed I would be happy to oblige. If damage has occurred due to misuse or neglect, I reserve the right to make an appropriate charge for this.

Prices of new commissions, postage and handling are quoted on an individual basis.